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Dec. 14th, 2012


It starts with
a small incision
into the chest

The smallest of needles
that break skin

Pinpricks of pain
Blossom into a heady mix of euphoria and despair.

Oct. 15th, 2012

I see you moving away from me and I don't know whether I want to dredge up the energy to try and hold onto you anymore. I don't even think it might be worth it now. You're not meant to stay my friend, are you.

And I think I'm starting to lose the two of the most important people in my life. Not to anything. Just the slow drift, drift into nothingness.

You stay and I go, we walk down the path where leaves fall and it is perpetually winter,
Never hand in hand, neither back to back on opposite sides.
We walk the same, but at different times.
There you go, having adventures on your own again, somewhere I can't follow.

I think that's part of the charm for you, isn't it? Somewhere else?

"I wanted to see you so that I could talk to you about what I wanted to talk about. Now that I've seen you for the week, quota met."
Why don't you like me without making me try?

And so the lows appear.

Am in a weird mood today. Okay, okay, its tonight. I think I'm tired and yet I don't wish to sleep. I think I might just be depressed again, but I can find it in me to perk up. (yes, I do have my off days)

I guess, whats been bothering me lately is a friend of mine. We used to be so close, sharing our secrets, our happy times and even our worst moments together. I felt that it was one friendship, that despite the distance, we could maintain. But now, it seems to me that I'm wrong. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, but it does not ease that little void you get in your chest when someone close is not with you. So what use is a fonder heart when the person in question is no longer who you thought they were? Well it certainly seems like it bites even more.

Well. I definitely don't seem as composed today. Shall stop before I write something stupid.


Suffice to say, I have jumped on the bandwagon and fallen in love with the series MERLIN. *is completely hooked*

Not the first thing you'd hear me say after coming out of my long, long haitus from LJ.

So I been REALLY free...

Alrighty, I have been an idjit for lottsa things that have happened recently. Confession time. But, as to what I've been an idjit for, I'm not telling. Heh.

Yes, yes, I have posted this after a VERY long time. Have updated my devaintart (gasp! I DID????!!!!!) and gotten round to think up and write some more of my story that I have been planning.

I have also become addicted to tekken 6, even though I have no ps3 to speak of. How? Blame my best friend for that. (We hang out at the arcade and go crazy.)

Mostly up to fanart and some jewelry making.

WHOO, what a factual update. Oh well, will write some flowery one soon once my brain's up to it. :D

So I was bored

What does your name mean? by Vampiric13
Your Name
Your Name Means...Evil

I bet a LOT of you are going, "how apt." HAHAHAH :DD

So I been feeling kinda Lonely...

Yeah, the title says it pretty much. Friends are off for the exams and here I am completely free with nothing to do. Its a sad thing.

But, rest assured, I am not wasting my time. (Learnt how to make this awesome friendship-band-design-bag, more like a pouch. So, am in the midst of making my first ever hand weaved pouch. How awesome is that? And stephy, your B'DAY present is gonna be AWESOMESAUCE. HEH. (btw, what colour would you like it?)

I got the Apartment Life Expansion Pack for my birthday, along with a new watch and wallet. (I gotta let you see it, stephy) And no, I haven't been playing the sims like a maniac, nevermind that you dont believe me.

And also, I have developed a Massive crush on Matt Damon. (Watched all the Ocean's movies in a marathon, fell in love and went on a movie watching spree of Matt Damon movies. The Bourne Trilogy is simply awesome, just awesome.) Not that I love Jensen Ackles any less. XD

You can see that I have been completely hanging loose these days. Its mainly to keep the depression at bay. It works most times.

This post is turning out to be a list of all my current obsessions, isnt it? Well, I'm not finished yet. *gasp, HORROR* Heh.

I'm gonna be talking bout music. I recently got both of Mika's albums and my oh my, I happen to be addicted to them. His songs are just the right kinda funky. The albums are a mix of light hearted songs and serious ones and the lyrics just blow me away. If you have the chance, please listen to Toy Boy and do listen hard to the lyrics. That song just pulls at me. Its a soft, simple tune, and its more like a story in the form of a song.
Other albums that I'm crazy over are One Republic's Dreaming Out Loud, U2's No Line on the Horizon and The Killers' Day and Age. Completely hooked. Heh.

Well, I shall end the post here, just in case anyone else fell asleep.
*is off to finish the pouch*

And so I live.

Yes, people, I am alive and my journal rises from the dead. (rather apt cos its almost halloween)

Just popping in.